Moving Along

Transportation means change. A change of location, change of speed, change of surrounding… In transportation, we are always moving away from one thing and towards another, away from one moment of our history and towards the creation of another. But those moments of transition from one place to another are their own story, too — and when they weave together over time, they can create a compelling representation of who we are and what we value.

As these moments of literal transport compile to form their own vivid story, each new one offers a time to confront and assess those that preceded it. The rhythms of movement — the quick-forming monotonies of whatever vehicles take us — and the willful submission to the changes it yields can soften the rigidity of perspective and build a peace of mind, a momentary famine of distraction, during which we can reflect on all the movement of our lives and get a glimpse of who we are becoming. In these moments of movement and change, grace can fall upon us and reveal us to ourselves. Change begets change; and in this way we move ever forward.


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